Hostellerie Belle Rive is a French country inn and restaurant owned and operated by the fourth generation of female proprietors. The site we designed reflects the eclectic mix of old and new influences seen in the hotel's rooms and on the menu.
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hostellerie belle rive
L'Atelier Bertrand Cattiaux
Bertrand Cattiaux is one of fewer than 20 master organ builders in France.
This site has been decommissioned.
orgues cattiaux

Ellen Shire, is a New York City based artist whose work
also may be seen at the Saatchi Art site and at
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PTCNY landing page

The Psychotherapy & Training Collective of New York is a group of licensed mental health professionals.
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PTCNY landing page

Michael Burke — Sculptor, Author.
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Michael Burke landing page

Ellen Shire is a painter and fine artist based in New York City.
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Ellen Shire NY painter
Sabina Preter, MD, PhD.
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Sabina Preter MD
Gilbert Raffin, Artist, Illustrator: Paris, France.
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Sabina Preter MD
Under the Escalator.
Under the Escalator is a recent animation project which produced a 2-minute film to support the launch of this children's book. The film has been entered into several animation competitions.
Under the Escalator

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